Can Water Spread COVID-19?

Based on the news from CDC, “There is no evidence that COVID-19 can spread to people through water, including floodwater. Sometimes floodwater can mix with waste water. CDC is not aware of any scientific reports of the virus being spread by swallowing or coming in contact with water contaminated by feces from an infected person.”..

Anyway, because of the current complicated living environment and poor breath air, most people is caring more and more living quality and healthy, the primory thing is house water.

We use house water for cooking, drinking and shower, even for our lovely pets. In the world some places, there has no pure water filtration plant in the city, people have to dig from the ground and take underground water, this type water is with high Ca2+ and Mg2+, living long time with such hard water, people will get kidney stones much easier than other people.


So softer filter is very important in each house, especially in the hard water quality place.

Using soft water can avoid scaling problems of water pipe, spigot, water appliances and floor heating. Moreover, it can reduce heating costs and the usage of cleaning produces. With soft water in bathing, the skin will become soft and hair will get skinnier. Meanwhile, the stain of sanitary appliances, bath apparatus will disappear.

New Filtration the whole house water softening system

The kitchen surface of tableware and the ceramic appliance is bright and clean as new, and no stain marks.

Bathroom with soft water in cleaning, it wouldn’t be dirty, produce off-flavor and turn yellow such as toilet, sink, bathtub and so on. There will be no white scale in shower nozzle holes, and the water is unimpeded.

Floor heating keeps water flow unblocked, and don’t let dirty block pipe.

Bathing with soft water in the shower, bring you more smooth and healthy skincare.

Laundry clothes get soft and don’t damage coatings when using soft water to wash.

Garage using soft water to wash the car, the cleaning effect is better. The car surface without scale membrane, lengthen the curing time


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