Explanation of the main water purifier in the market

With the pollution of the natural environment, and quality of natural water is getting worse and worse. People’s requirements for the quality of living water will be higher and higher, and life at home does need a water purifier. But how to choose a water purifier?


There are various types of water purifiers on major shopping malls and online platforms, such as central water purifiers, ultrafiltration water purifiers, reverse osmosis water purifiers, ceramic water purifiers and so on. It is not easy to choose a water purifier that satisfies our wishes. New Filtration has rich experience in house drinking water, and helped thousands of families to choose the right water purifier and enjoy healthy drinking pure water.


There are generally three types of water purifiers on the market.


  • Ceramic activated carbon filter water purifier, ceramic filter element, activated carbon filter element and even PP filter element. It is mainly for simple coarse filtration, which can filter large particles of impurities in the water, silt rust red nematodes, etc. The filtering accuracy is about 0.1-5 microns. However, there are many microorganisms in the water that cannot be filtered, so it is not suitable for drinking directly. However, it is still very good for cooking and washing dishes, and the price is cheap, easy to install, and the machine is compact.


  • Ultrafiltration membrane filtration water purifiers are mainly ultrafiltration membrane filter elements, and most of the central water purifiers are also ultrafiltration membrane filtration. The filtration accuracy is 0.01 microns, which can effectively filter scale, silt, bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. But there are still many minerals that cannot be filtered, such as calcium and magnesium ions. Then many people wondered why after installing a water purifier, there are still white floating objects in the boiling water, as if the water is getting worse and worse after passing through the filter. In fact, these floating objects are polymers of calcium and magnesium ions, that is, scale, which is formed together after heating and polymerization. White scale is harmless to the human body, so don’t worry too much.

Explanation of the main water purifier in the market 2


  • Reverse osmosis filtration. Under the action of pressure, the reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane) filters the water into pure water through the reverse osmosis membrane. The impurities in the water are intercepted by the reverse osmosis membrane and then discharged through the wastewater. The reverse osmosis membrane of interest can effectively remove various impurities in the water, inorganic salt ions, bacteria, viruses, etc. The water filtered by the reverse osmosis membrane can be used with confidence. Many manufacturers have used videos, ink is filtered into white water, pesticides are filtered into white water, cow dung is filtered into white water, and so on. At the same time, after reverse osmosis filtration, there will be no scale, discoloration, and odor. It can be said that it is the best water filtration at present.Explanation of the main water purifier in the market 3

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