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The house prefilter filter is the ‘Water Purifier Guard’ to protect your house pipes, valves & terminal appliances. It protects and extends the service life of your other filtration system by removing the large dirt, sand, and dust particles…

 Firstly we checking out how many persons in your family, more people more water consumption and bigger size facility;

Secondly, checking your local water quality by TDS testing device or other references

Thirdly, your pipe material and pipeline layout(horizontal or vertical)

  1. Food grade SUS has better chemical and physical properties, while plastic is not stable comparing with SUS
  2. SUS has no material precipitation, plastic does
  3. Comparing with plastic, SUS is durable with hardness case

First, pls define what kind of water you need in priority. If you need mineral/Spring drink water, we recommend you pick our valuable SUS ultrafiltration water purifier (both under the counter and pipeline types are available). If you need pure water, there are some RO water filtration system for your option. For more details, pls refer below links or contact with NFT today

Yes, of course, you need both of them for your home water filtration. Prefilter is to remove the big size or visible particles in the water, while the filtered water from the water purifier is for your drinking directly. The function is different. Prefilter is the protector of your water purifier and appliances, the water purifier is your bodyguard

New Filtration Technology is engaged in cooperating with local distributors for both parties developing, so to the end-users, the services have come from your local supplier with immediate response and Door-to-door service at an appointed time

New Filtration Technology has ISO 9001 and SGS certification for all products and more certificates were applied to meet more requirements

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