How do you make Spring Water at home

Drinking mineral water helps to promote a healthy rate and also your emotion.

It sounds incredible, but what matters is not only the amount of water you drink-the water contains is even more important. With spring water, you can easily maintain body fluid balance, simultaneously providing your body with valuable minerals and trace elements.

Why is it important to us? Minerals are important to biologies, especially to our human beings, but the human body can not produce them by ourselves.

That’s why minerals need to be provided as part of our food and drink.

In the past years, as a part of purified water, many people have drunk bottled water in order to obtain minerals, which has cost ‘huge money’. In fact, we can easily get it from the tap water at home.

drunk bottled water in order to obtain minerals

Many health institutions have pointed out that tap water is currently one of the best drinking water, compared with bottled water, tap water will not have the primary and secondary pollution caused by plastic, as well as a waste of resources. As we all know, environmental protection is also a big topic at present. Now you may ask, how to make mineral water at home?

It’s not complicated at all. All you need is a small under-sink ultrafiltration system.

What is Ultrafiltration? And what is the difference with Reverse Osmosis?

Ultrafiltration (Ultrafiltration, referred to as UF) means that under the action of pressure, the solvent and part of the low molecular weight solute pass through the micropores on the membrane to reach the other side of the membrane, while the polymer solute or other emulsified micelles are intercepted to achieve the purpose of separation from the solution. In one word, it is effectively removed colloid, chemical organic matter, heavy metal, bacteria, and other macromolecular organic matter in water, and retain beneficial minerals in the water. That is the biggest difference between UF & RO (Reverse Osmosis, RO removes all visible & invisible impurities including minerals in the water)

How to make mineral water at home by yourself?

Homemade mineral water is very easy and even tastier than the bottled water from stores.
Considering the filtered, safety and tasted mineral water, the New Filtration Under Counter/Sink Ultra Filtration water purification system is very easy to use and totally affordable, you don’t need to spend a high cost to buy fancy filter facilities or waste money on bottled water that may cause secondary pollution as we mentioned before.

Mineral water produced through our high-quality and low-cost ultrafiltration system(SUS pipeline ultrafiltration water purifier or a SUS under sink ultra filtration compact system)  replaces all bottled water you buy, what you need to do is just bottled it with glass or stainless steel container.

In that way, no plastics no chemical precipitation at all.

SUS pipeline ultrafiltration water purifier

SUS under sink ultra filtration compact system

If you have been declined to invest in water purification systems in your home, worry that they are too expensive or difficult to install/operating.

Please don’t hesitate anymore!

There are no many worries about that, cause our product is at a reasonable level and worth it! You should give priority not only to mineral water but also to all drinking water. I encourage you to stop buying all forms of bottled water.

Take responsibility for your own healthy drinking water as soon as possible!

Get in touch with us at in 24/7 and we are happy to offer you the Spring Water to make your seasons in the SUN!

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