How to chose water for coffee maker

As one of the three non-alcoholic beverages in the world, coffee has its followers in every country in the world. With the continuous improvement of human living standards, there are more and more choices of coffee flavor and brand. The development of science and technology not only brings the coffee machine but also gives the coffee more personality. There are many choices of the coffee maker, but making a cup of coffee with full flavor requires not only a good coffee maker but also a good water source. After all, coffee is made up of coffee beans/coffee powder + water.

The use of high-quality water can make coffee and espresso taste better. Another key point is to protect your investment in coffee machine equipment.

protect your investment in coffee machine equipment

So a good cup of coffee is very important, and more importantly, you have a better source of water.

Today I will show you which kind of water is the most suitable for making the most mellow coffee, meanwhile ensuring that your equipment will not be damaged.

Talk about flavor, we have always been asked, “Why not use pure water such as distilled water or reverse osmosis water?” at first glance, this seems reasonable. If pure water is purer and cleaner, it should be better, right? Since there are no minerals in these purified water, it will not cause scaling problems.

However, they will be making the opposite scale effect, which in turn leads to damage to the coffee machine equipment.

Back to the flavor. Standard tap water is a relatively good solvent. It dissolves a lot of things.

The treated purified water by distillation or Reverse Osmosis is even a better solvent. But it is not the best water to making coffee, as the lack of minerals in it. Further, it will have resulted in a bitter taste. Trust me, I have same experience with purified water.

will have resulted in a bitter taste

Most importantly, the minerals in the water enhance the flavor. If there is no salt in food, it will become commonplace without any flashing temperature.

Of course, too much salt is bad for your health. The same is true for the operation of coffee equipment. We need to strike a proper balance: raising the level of minerals in the water can prevent bitterness caused by excessive extraction, and the content of minerals should be balanced to avoid fouling and clogging the machine.

How to get quality water at less cost and more taste


We recommend using Ultra Filtration Water purifier in Stainless Steel. Steel is a better material for treating water in some way, for example, cleaning & maintenance.

If you are using a full-auto coffee machine, there are a lot of Stainless Steel Ultra Filtration Water Purifier for your option, saving space and easy installation, under sink/counter device (multiple stage & pipeline) is a good way to enjoy coffee. No much more space, a cool & hot water dispenser could be a wonderful partner in your living room.

If you are using a half auto-machine, a pipeline ultrafiltration water purifier under your bar desk could be your option. This will be installed in series between your home pipe and the machine. The pipeline ultra filter including a pressure regulator and flowmeter, so you can know when the filter element should be replaced.

New Filtration uses more than standard Ultra-Filtration saving beneficial minerals to maintain flavor.

To other drinks, like Tea, milk for kids you can always make it in your own way with ultrafiltration technology. New Filtration Technology is here to provide you better filtration methods!


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