Is it necessary to install a home pre-filter?

Home pre-filter can protect the water pipes and various electrical equipment throughout the house.

They protect the entire installation against suspended particles, sand, repair residues in the public network and small metal particles dragged along by water, as well as against the problems that corrosion can cause due to the sedimentation of different materials. They also protect appliances, washing machines, dishwashers, heaters, boilers, etc.

Is it necessary to install a home pre-filter?

Most household have washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers, kettles, RO water purifier, water dispensers and other equipment. Each device has a certain useful life, which basically depends on the frequency of use, the method of use, and the quality of the raw water. The frequency and method of use can be adjusted artificially, but in terms of raw water quality, other methods can only be used to improve the water quality problem.


What are the benefits of using a Home pre-filter?


1. Protect indoor appliances

The Pre-filter is the first filtration equipment in the family, which can prevent the combination of calcium and magnesium ions, thereby reducing the generation of scale.

2. Improve the water quality

NFT Pre-filter uses a food grade stainless steel filter, which effectively intercepts sediment and impurities, it can improve the water quality. But it not suitable to drink directly.

3. Low cost, no consumables

There is no need to replace the filter element. When the filter is dirty, just manually turn the cleaning button, and the machine can clean automatically. No maintenance costs.

4. Prevent rust and corrosion

To reduce scale is to prevent and repair water pipes, but also to avoid some rust on the inner wall of household appliances.

Pre-filter is a kind of preliminary filtration equipment, which can not only improve water quality, but also ectend the service life of household appliances. For families, in order to protect electrical equipment and improve water quality, pre-filter are very necessary.


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