PP cotton filter cartridge of the little common sense

What is pp cotton filter cartridge?

PP cotton filter cartridge, also known as melt spray type PP filter cartridge, using non-toxic and tasteless polypropylene particles, by heating melting, spinneret, traction, accept the shape of the tubular filter cartridge. If the raw material is mainly polyester fiber, it can be called PP melting filter cartridge. Generally is filtered from the outside inside, the outer fiber will be relatively rough, more into the inside, the fiber inside will be finer, so the inner aperture will be very small, the accuracy of filtration is higher.


Why is pp cotton filter cartridge generally the first level of household water purifier filter cartridge?

1. Tap water is filtered layer by layer from the outside to the inside of pp cotton filter cartridge. When it approaches the innermost layer, particles smaller than the aperture will be stopped, which also reduces the pressure for the following several filters.

2. PP cotton filter cartridge is close to the outside of the fiber is thicker and loose, the inner layer is thinner and tight, so each layer can stop the impurities, the amount of pollution will become more.

3, PP cotton filter cartridge can let tap water through especially quickly, and be filtered, and the filtration flow is also large, and the pressure difference is not big.

4. The chemical composition of PP cotton filter cartridge is in accordance with the food hygiene standards, and its bonding does not use other adhesives. Instead, it directly uses the technologies of melting and spraying, pulling and receiving polypropylene fibers, allowing polypropylene fibers to bond with each other by relying on self-bonding. So PP cotton filter cartridge is free of chemical adhesive, very safe and hygienic.

How to distinguish the quality of PP cotton filter cartridge?

Generally, the smaller the pore size is, the higher the filtration accuracy will be. Therefore, its mass must be determined by the degree of tightness of its fibers, which is difficult for us to distinguish with the naked eye. Therefore, we can judge by weight, compressibility, material and colloid.

1, look at the weight is to use the hand weighing, the heavier, it shows the fiber density is greater, that is, the quality will be better.

2. Look at the compressibility, and feel whether the PP cotton filter cartridge is firm by hand. The stronger the quality, the better, because generally speaking, the fiber density is large, the compressibility will be very good.

3. The material is the color and paper surface of the filter cartridge filter paper. Generally normal, the color of the filter paper is uniform in color and flat in texture.

4, Look at the colloid is to see the elasticity of PP cotton filter cartridge, good elasticity is good quality, soft are not good quality.

PP cotton filter cartridge because be the filter cartridge of first class, because this its service life is very short, basic 3 to 6 months should change, in order to home water purifier is not polluted twice, must remember!

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