Prefilter,the new ‘water purifier guard’ of your home

Water security has always been a global topic. Therefore, until now, almost all countries are faced with the problem of lack of drinking water and safety, and the problems in some underdeveloped countries are even more serious. Clean and safe water resources are one of the important factors in the development of a country. In China, we are also faced with the problem of lack of water resources, especially for residents in the vast underdeveloped areas. Although there are groundwater, surface water, and other water resources in these places, the long-term industrialization and the lack of awareness of water conservation have led to less and less domestic water resources available.

Prefilter,the new ‘water purifier guard’1

In recent years, with the introduction of the advanced concept of water use in North America and Europe, more and more Chinese families begin to focus on the safety of water use. The first item which is widely used is the Water Purifier. However today we are not going to talk about this world wide item, we are going to discussing the Pre-filter, in other words, Spin Down Water Filter, Protection Filter In fact, as it literally means, is the filter equipment installed in the front of the pipeline for Pre-treatment or Multi-Medium filtration. It has gone through decades of history, especially in Europe.


  1. The protection function to your Home water facilities.

Prefilter is another type of central pre-filter because of its characteristics-High Flux and Whole Home Water Filter, that mainly used to intercept the particulate impurities, sediment, rust, floating matter, and other pollutants in the water. It plays a positive role in protecting Home Terminal electrical appliances, pipes, faucets, etc.

2,  The ‘Time Manager’ of your home

Most families choose to use water purifiers to filter tap water for daily use when they start decorating or renovating their houses. Whether it is RO water purifier or ultrafiltration water purifier, these devices are in direct ‘touch’ with tap water and have a service life limitation. We need to replace their filter elements and peripheral consumables, these complicated things may waste your precious time.

As a new ‘time manager’, the Pre-filter can solve this problem very well.

New Filtration provides pre-filters for the latest reverse Flushing technology to help users save time. In addition, we also provide traditional scraping (manual/automatic) prefilters to maximize efficiency.

Prefilter,the new ‘water purifier guard’2

Prefilter,the new ‘water purifier guard’3

3, DIY for your ‘New Nest’

As a whole home water filter, Prefilter is to filtered well water, tap water, groundwater, and other types of freshwater resources.


First, it’s simple and small size with easy transportation and installation. Not like a personal computer with Fragile components, the Spin Down Water Filter is firm and tightness. So you can do it yourself as long as you wish to do.


Secondly, there is no need for after-sales service and the following cost for replacing the filter element (The SUS 316L mesh with long-term service life)


Thirdly, the filter housing is transparent (white or blue), the filtration process could be clearly observed and action in any time. With one time cost, you can do it by yourself for the following years!


According to the analysis report: the water-related equipment (such as washing machines, dishwashers, water softeners, water purifiers, and water heaters, etc.) that enter the water pipe or installed on the water pipe without passing through the appliances protection filter might be damaged, or even completely destroyed. The Valves, connecting fittings, and strainers in the whole house system will need to be replaced. In Germany, the law requires every household must install a Pre-filter (usually installed post water meter of the inlet pipe) to ensure that a large number of impurities produced in the pipe network will not cause harm to the human body, and play a positive role in protecting hidden pipes, faucet, appliances, and so on. Germany issued the injunction in 1988 to avoid unnecessary maintenance and costs.


Since the central pre-filter has a very good demand and the advantages in marketing, logistics, installation, after-sales, and so on. We have faith to believe that the central pre-filter will have better development in the Home water purifier market.

At the same time, because of the pre-filtration characteristics of the central pre-filter, it can be used as the pre-water guard of all other water purifier products. It can be bundled with water softeners, RO water purifier, UF water purifier, and even packaged across industries with solar water heaters, floor heaters, and boilers.


We have reason to believe that the Prefilter market will be enlarged more than just a GUARD!

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