Convenience&Intelligent Household Water Softener NFT-RA-100B and NFT-RA-150B

Soft water regeneration (including backwash, salt absorbent slow wash and forward wash using soft water)

Softening: The running state of the machine

Backwash: The loose resin washes the suspended impurities

Salt absorption regeneration: ion exchange principle, to restore the softening ability of the failed resin

Slow wash: make the resin recover more thoroughly, save water and salt

Cleaning: remove the remaining salt solution and press the resin to achieve better softening effect

Why do you need a water softener?

  1. Water heater, humidifier and other wading equipment are blocked, resulting in reduced flow and shortened life;
  2. The clothes and towels are stiff, and the color is dull and yellow after repeated washing;
  3. The structure of articles such as bathtub, toilet and ceramic tile is yellow and difficult to clean;
  4. Dry, rough, itchy skin, easy to age, dry, knotted hair, easy to break
Suffested flow rate①

0.8-1.2 ㎥/h, 1.0-2.0 ㎥/h

Resin tank(in)

1017, 1035

Resin volume

12.5 L, 28 L

Continuous total② softened water

3.4 ㎥, 7.5 ㎥

Overall size(L*W*H)

525*326*615 mm, 525*326*1070 mm

Outlet water hardness

≦0.6mmol/L, ≦0.6mmol/L

Suited for

For small and medium size family,which has 2-3 family members,it can be installed under apartment or small and medium house type which has 1 bathroom.
For medium and large size family,which has 3-5 family members,it can be installed under apartment,villa or small business which has 1-2 bathroom.


①The flow rate will be different according to pressure drop.We use 0.3 MPa pressure drop to calculate the data in the form.
②Continuous total softened water will be different according to the raw water hardness.We use 150mg/l to calculate the data in the form.