Convenient and Fast Water Purifier NFT-RA-T3

Healthy straight drink new upgrade

Every drop of water is pure and safe

Countertop water purifier

3 Seconds heat, film thickness heating;

The temperature of 7 gears is adjusted, and the water of 3 gears is adjusted;

Clip-connected RO membrane filtration;

Selenium-rich lights;

Mobile water bar, no installation required;

Household & commercial, temperature optional;

Intelligent large-screen control and monitoring panel.

The main control board and display board of the core have adopted a new imported technology to prevent the machine from short circuit, working program error and other adverse effects caused by environmental factors, such as dampness, etc., so as to prolong the service life of the machine;

Simple operation, one key quantitative water, do not overflow cup, prevent hot hand, your good helper;

High quality long-acting RO film, long life, effectively reduce the core replacement frequency, reduce the cost of core replacement;

Five fine filtration, decontamination rate up to 99%. PP cotton + carbon fiber + high-precision PP cotton + carbon rod filtration, effectively intercepts large particles of impurities, adsorbs residual chlorine grade different color peculiar smell, increases filtration area, further filters impurities particles,purify the residual odor in the water, to ensure the taste of the water. RO reverse osmosis filter element can effectively filter out heavy metals, organics, bacteria and other harmful substances in water;


Our Purpose: open water can drink, from the source to protect the health of the family drinking water, safe to drink.


Large water storage, fast outflow, no need to wait;

Small and delicate, do not take up space, convenient installation, save more storage space;

Product Name


Rated Power

2200 W

Rated Voltage


Applicable Water Temperature

4-38 ℃

Heating Power

2100 W

Water Tank Capacity

5L Raw Water+2L Pure Water

Applicable Water Pressure


Type of Anti-shock Protection

Class I

Filter Element Configuration

Filter element configuration: PP cotton filter element + composite filter element (PP+CTO activated carbon rod) +RO membrane filter element (clamping)

Water Quality

Water Quality It meets the requirements of the Code for Sanitary Safety and Function Evaluation of Domestic drinking Water Quality Processor — Reverse osmosis Treatment Device (2001)