Pipeline Ultra Filtration Water Purifier System

  • Housing Material: SUS304 Food Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Media: UF/UF + KDF
  • Micron Retention : 0.01μm
  • Flow Rate(L/Hr) : 500/1000/2000
  • Inlet Water: Municipal Tap Water, Ground Water
  • Operating pressure: 0.1-0.35MPa
  • Water temperature: Ambient

Description of Pipeline Ultra Filtration Water Purifier System:

Pipeline ultra-filtration water filters are available in 500,1000, and 2000 L/Hr. Single Stainless Steel and big size inlet & outlet port make it can be applied to multiple situations, such as train station, airport, factory as well as tiny home using. The UF can be used to purify the water directly or as pre-treatment of the Reverse Osmosis system. Normally it can be connected with a faucet directly without any electricity.

Rely on the pressure of municipal tap water to make it almost no secondary energy consumption, and can remove harmful impurities and viruses in water, retain minerals. It plays a good supplementary role in the whole house central water and large public places with large water demand.

New Filtration supply diverse models Pipeline Ultra Filtration Water Purifier System housing for increasing clean and healthy water requirement.

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 42 × 41.5 × 46 cm
Flow Rate

500, 1000, 2000


  • Under-counter in kitchens
  • Office
  • Gym, Coffee Shop, Restaurant
  • Train Stations,Airports,Bus Stations,Factory,school,etc

Technical Parameter

Item # Flow Rate


Applicable Pressure


Filtering Principle Installation Type Dimension


NFT UF-500/1000/2000 500/1000/2000 0.1~0.35 Ultra Filtration Under Sink 455*195*215 (UF1000)