Reverse Osmosis water purifier

1, 3 Seconds heat, film thickness heating;

2, Intelligent touch control with six degrees of variable temperature;

3, Clip-connected RO membrane filtration;

4, Selenium-rich lights;

5, Mobile water bar, no installation required;

6, Household & commercial, temperature optional;

7, Intelligent large-screen control and monitoring panel;

8, With ISO9001,CE certificate.


Four levels of deep fine filtering, filtering out peace of mind good water,smooth straight drink Level 4 deep purification, effectively filter out harmful substances in water, carrying us GE a new generation of reverse osmosis RO membrane,as deep as 0.0001um, purifying effect suppression filter from the source of pollution, effectively filter out the heavy metals in the water, harmful material such as bacteria, viruses,microbial, nitrate, reached the requirements of direct drinking water, pure and fresh, feel free to drink.

Filter Cartridge Name Filtering Impurities Recommended Replacement Period
PAC 2 in 1 Filter out sediment, rust, adsorption of different color odor, residual chlorine 24-36 months
RO Membrane Filtrate bacteria, residual chlorine virus, microorganism, nitrate, etc. 4-6 months
CF strontium enriched filter element with weak base Further adsorb odor, increase strontium and other minerals 6-12 months




Gym, Coffee Shop, Small Restaurant

Ideal for anyone who concerned about drinking water quality