Wall-mounted water purifier

1,Reverse osmosis pure water machine;
2,Multifunctional water purification and heating;
3,Double outlet design;
4,Sterilize with UV lamp;
5,Net waste ratio 1:1;
6,filtration efficiency reaches 99.8%;
7,Multifunctional numerical control panel display;
8,With child lock function;
9,Wall-mounted installation saves space.


Self-circulation long-effect sterilization, effective sterilization rate up to 99.8%, the use of UV ultraviolet lamp, effectively avoid the use of pure water for a long time caused by the breeding of bacteria and viruses in the clean water tank,even if out for a long time, home can also drink safe and assured pure water.

Five levels of water purification, more effective to avoid blockage, a machine backwash, water purifier to achieve automatic cleaning, make drinking water more healthy.

Filter Element Filtering Impurities Recommended Replacement Period
PP+Carbon rod composite Filter sediment, rust, heavy metals, hair, eggs, odor, etc. 6-12 months
UDF Membrane Filter out bacteria, odor part of organic matter 24-36 months
RO Membrane Filter out heavy metals such as bacteria and viruses 24-36 months
Post-activated carbon Further filter out odors and improve taste 6-12 months




Gym, Coffee Shop, Small Restaurant

Ideal for anyone who concerned about drinking water quality