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Multi-function Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

Self-circulation can keep long-effect sterilization that the effective sterilization rate up to 99.8%. The use of UV ultraviolet lamp can effectively avoid the use of pure water for a long time caused by the breeding of bacteria and viruses in the clean water tank. Even if you go out for a long time, your can also drink safe and assured pure water with the help of our reverse osmosis water purifier when you come back home.

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Why Are You Choose Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier?

New Filtration's Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier is five levels of water purification. It is more effective to avoid blockage. A machine backwash and water purifier can achieve automatic cleaning that make drinking water more healthy.

Counter Top Water Dispenser

New Filtration provides four levels of deep fine filtration to filter out reassuring high-quality water for smooth drinking. Level 4 deep purification can effectively filter harmful substances in water. Use GE’s new generation of reverse osmosis RO membrane with a depth of 0.0001um. The purification effect inhibits the filter from starting from the pollution source. Effectively filter out heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, nitrates and other harmful substances in the water. Meet the requirements of direct drinking water. Pure, fresh, and can be consumed at will.

Product Parameters

Advantages of Counter Top Water Dispenser

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