Improve The
Quality Of Life

NFT Under Sink RO water purifier

The Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier with a simple and smooth appearance design of the whole series. The body meets the
requirements of modern home furnishings and can perfectly
match a variety of decoration styles. Complete filtration
function, with a filtration accuracy of 99.5%, not only can
effectively reduce the salt content in the water,soften the water
quality, but also filter out harmful impurities such as chemicals,
sediment, suspended particles,bacteria, viruses, and heavy
metals in the water, and eliminate odors in the water , Improve
the taste and improve the quality of life.

Product Parameters

Name NFT Under Sink Purifier Size 432*137*407mm
Rated Voltage 220V Rated Power 30W
Purified Water Flow 1.3L/min Filter Level 4 Level
Operating Pressure 0.1-0.4MPa Applicable Temperature 5-38℃
Anti-shock type II Type Applicable water quality Municipal tap water

Product pictures of Under Sink RO purifier

Advantages of NFT Under Sink Purifier

Why you are choose NFT?

NFT focusing on household water purification products

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