What is the Pre-filter? And how to clean Pre-filter?

What is the Pre-filter?

Pre-filter is the first step to protect your whole house, it can protect the pipe, washing machine, laundry machine, the shower room, kitchen tools and the water dispenser etc. Usually installed in the tap water in the front of the pipeline, can filter tap water rust or sediment like large particles of impurities, so that the use of water quality is better, is conducive to the health of domestic water, and at the same time to protect the effect of water pipes. Pre-filter is the most important process on the inlet pipe before water going into house for people drinking and living.

What is the NFT Pre-filter advantage?

1, Use the H59-1 National Standard Brass;

2, Precision water pressure gauge;

3, Polymer explosion-proof bottle, without BPA;

4, 316 stainless steel double filter.


Of course, the impurities intercepted by the pre-filter need to be cleaned up after a period time. The cleaning cycle depends on the local water quality and the frequency of use. The worse the water quality, the shorter the period; the higher the frequency, the shorter the period.


So, How to clean the pre-filter correctly?


NFT Pre-filter cleaning is very simple, only need to gently turn the cleaning switch, the machine can automatically clean. Not only the 316 stainless steel filter screen is cleaned, but also the inner wall of the bottle is cleaned. Double cleaning is performed to make the cleaning more through and cleaner.


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What is the Pre-filter?

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