What is the Pre-filter?

Many diseases are caused by poor diet or water supply, which threatens health, and the incidence of various cancers is also increasing. Nowadays, people pay more attention to quality of life, and they are concerned about drinking water and food.

NFT filter is designed for families who want safer, more reliable and healthier, because it is a filer for whole house filtration. It can filter the harmful substances such as sand, rust, impurities and so on in the tap water. The first protective wall was built for the whole house to use water.

What is the Pre-filter

NFT Pre-filter does not use conventional polypropylene, polyester and other filter elements. When too much dirty is intercepted, you only need to gently rotate the cleaning button to start the automatic flushing function; Some people will choose to automatically flush first, and then manually clean. In this case, you only need to wait for the automatic cleaning to finish, open the Pre-filter, and take out the filter for cleaning.

In addition, depending on the water quality, some places need to be cleaned every 30 days, some places can be cleaned every 40 days, and some place even need to be cleaned every 25 days. The Food Grade Stainless Steel filter can be used for many years, which saves the cost of replacing the filter element.
























NFT Pre-filter adopts advanced science and technology:

1,Patented automatic backwashing technology, sewage automatic backwashing, close the automatic reset filter function;

2,The lower cover of the rotating machine has a built-in double-sided scrubbing silica gel strip, which can clean the surface of the filter screen and the inner wall of the filter bottle at the same time























Finally, the water quality filtered by the front water purifier can prolong the service life of the household straight drinking machine, household appliances and water pipes, which not only saves the cost of replacing filter elements and electrical appliances, but also saves labor costs.

The most important thing is to improve the quality of life for the whole family.

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