Why are you need a wall mounted water purifier for your house?

With the improvement of living standards, health is the most valued and most precious thing for people, and a healthy body is the capital. Health will focus on several aspects, especially diet and sleep. Modern people pay special attention to these two points. There is a saying: Illness comes from the mouth. Therefore, modern people are particularly concerned about diet, requiring organic food, no pesticide residues, and drinking pure water, which are all manifestations of improving the quality of life.

Let’s learn about the advantages of our NFT wall-mounted water purifier:
1. Double outlet design, can drink directly, and can wash vegetables;
2. 5 level RO filtration, the precision reaches 0.0001um;
3. Smart display, real-time control of the life of the filter element;
4. It is convenient and quick to change the core, economical;
5. Polymer reverse osmosis technology, with a filtration rate of 99.6%;
6. With UV germicidal lamp, it can be disinfected and sterilized again to avoid bacterial infection, and the sterilization rate reaches 99.8%;
7. Net water and waste water is 1:1, which means to reduce the cost of water;
8. With a child lock function.

Nowadays, most domestic water is tap water. Some people think that tap water is very clean because it has been disinfected by chlorine gas, but they did not expect the following aspects:
1. Impurities such as heavy metals and microorganisms contained in the water; chlorine cannot kill these;
2. Tap water is transported through long pipelines, which can easily cause secondary pollution;
3. Use a kettle to boil water to drink. This can only solve the high temperature killing bacteria, but can not solve the problems of sediment, rust, heavy metals and so on;
4. The residual chlorine in tap water will produce chloroform after high temperature, which is a common carcinogen.

Therefore, drinking tap water directly not only fails to improve, but also brings safety hazards to the body.


Filter Parameters:

Filter Element Filtering Impurities Recommended Replacement Period
PP+Carbon rod composite Filter sediment, rust, heavy metals, hair, eggs, odor, etc. 6-12 months
UF Membrane Filter out bacteria, odor part of organic matter 24-36 months
RO Membrane Filter out heavy metals such as bacteria and viruses 24-36 months
Post-activated carbon Further filter out odors and improve taste 6-12 months


In addition to wall-mounted water purifiers, our company also has many types of household water purifiers to provide you with a one-stop household water purifier service.

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