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Soft water makes Life better. We can’t live without water. People use water to do some cleaning and washing every day. Water is very significant to all of us. We rely on the water so deeply, but we don’t really know everything about the water.

Soft water make the life better


What is the bard water?

Water has soft and hard water. In most parts of China, the water had high magnesium ions and calcium ion contenting, which we called hard water, incrustation and the hard water is a trouble maker in our daily life. Under the condition of heating water will precipitate magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate which can’t dissolve in water. Therefore incrustation is formed day by day.

What can soft water bring to us?

Using soft water can avoid scaling problems of water pipe, spigot, water appliances and floor heating. Moreover, it can reduce heating costs and the usage of cleaning produces. With soft water in bathing, the skin will become soft and hair will get skinnier. Meanwhile, the stain of sanitary appliances, bath apparatus will disappear.

New Filtration the whole house water softening system

  1. The kitchen surface of tableware and the ceramic appliance is bright and clean as new, and no stain marks.
  2. Bathroom with soft water in cleaning, it wouldn’t be dirty, produce off-flavor and turn yellow such as toilet, sink, bathtub and so on. There will be no white scale in shower nozzle holes, and the water is unimpeded.
  3. Floor heating keeps water flow unblocked, and don’t let dirty block pipe.
  4. Bathing with soft water in the shower, bring you more smooth and healthy skincare.
  5. Laundry clothes get soft and don’t damage coatings when using soft water to wash.
  6. Garage using soft water to wash the car, the cleaning effect is better. The car surface without scale membrane, lengthen the curing time.

Products Advantages

The core control valve is self-developed, it has multiple specifications and various kinds. It is certified by American NSF. The whole machine is certified by CE and adopts up-flow regeneration technology, saving salt and water.

Products Advantages

  1. It adopts food-grade resin and a tank.
  2. It is tool-free for installation and convenient for operation.
  3. It has a unique function of calculating the water treatment capacity by itself automatically by inputting hardness and resin volume.

All main components for the whole machine are researched and developed by ourselves.
main components for the whole machine are researched

7 main advantages of NFT water softener

  1. The core control valve with leading technology in the world.
  2. Salt and water-saving up-flow regeneration technology.
  3. Tool-free and humanistic design for installation.
  4. The products are exported to 48 countries and areas in the world.
  5. The main components are certified by American NSF, CE and RoHS of EU.
  6. Food-grade, high capacity.
  7. More than 90% of the components are self-researched and produced.

Overturn the cover easily,convenient for operation.

Overturn the cover easily, convenient for operation.

The cabinet is designed in the shape of arc; beautiful appearance; optimize the space of adding salt.
creative and caring humanistic design idea


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