Why Use Prefilters Necessary for Water Systems?

When you install a new water treatment system in your home, you may actually install more filters than you think. Some of the best water filtration systems on the market have prefilters that allow you to filter your household water before it reaches the main filter media. In this article, we will discuss why we need to install a prefilter? Types of filtration methods useful for prefiltration and the service life of the prefilter.


What are prefilters?

Prefilter is a kind of filter, which can be simply understood as a metal filter screen, the aperture (filtration precision) of the screen is 1um-100um. Usually installed in the tap water in the front of the pipeline, can filter tap water rust or sediment like large particles of impurities, so that the use of water quality is better, is conducive to the health of domestic water, and at the same time to protect the effect of water pipes. Prefilter is the most important process on the inlet pipe before water going into the house for people drinking and living.

What is prefilters

Why do we install the prefilters?

The function of the prefilter can be divided into two categories: one is to protect the domestic water pipe; The other is the protection of household water – wade electrical appliances, reducing the cost of maintenance. There are two main reasons for using prefilters. The first and usually the most important point is that the pre-filter can protect the main filter media from damage and degradation. Certain types of filter media are susceptible to damage from certain types of contaminants, such as chlorine or bacteria. A pre-filter can be installed, which is designed to remove those harmful pollutants so that they will not affect the main filter medium. In other cases, the pre-filter is only used to remove some larger and easier-to-capture contaminants so that they will not block the main filter, thereby extending the life of the main filter medium.

The second reason for using a pre-filter is to remove contaminants that cannot be captured by the main filter. Compared with using the main filter alone, this allows the water system as a whole to remove a wider range of contaminants and produce higher quality water.


  1. Protect the washing machine, Soft and comfortable clothes.
  2. Protect water heater from scale and corrosion.
  3. The water in the kitchen faucet is clean, washing dishes and cooking.
  4. Shower bath, care for the skin.
  5. Protect the faucet, the water is clean.
  6. Clean water from a washbasin, wash your face & brush your teeth.

benefit of pre filters

What are some common water systems with pre-filters?

Water softeners. Chlorine can be very damaging to the resin beds inside of water softeners, which is why many water softeners will use a carbon pre-filter to remove chlorine before the water is softened. Some water softeners, such as the Hague WaterMax, include a sediment pre-filter to protect the system from large suspended particles.

Reverse osmosis systems. Reverse osmosis (RO) can remove almost every type of contaminant that you can find in water, so why would it need a pre-filter? A pre-filter like a carbon filter can remove the larger suspended and dissolved particles from water before the water reaches the RO membrane, which extends the life of the media. By letting the RO membrane only worry about the smallest contaminants, the media will last much longer because its pores won’t clog as quickly. Many reverse osmosis systems also have a UV lamp pre-filter to take care of bacteria before it reaches the RO membrane.

Removed secondary pollutants produced in the transportation of water conveyance pipeline

Many urban water supply pipelines have not been repaired and maintained for many years, and the inner wall of pipelines will produce a lot of corrosion, sediment and other pollutants. And because the pipes are long, the water flowing through them will be polluted, so this pollution is called “secondary pollution”. The pre-filter can filter out impurities visible to the naked eye, such as sediment, rust, etc., so that tap water back to the quality of the factory. Our Pipeline Ultra Filtration Water Purifier System can handle the secondary pollution problem well.

tap water back to the quality of the factory


Pipeline Ultra Filtration Water Purifier System

Soften water quality and prevent scale to reduce the risk of rust

For users, scale is also a problem that must be dealt with. Scale is the main component of calcium ion and magnesium ion, similar to water heater and other heating water appliances scale, and the pre-filter can avoid the combination of calcium ion, magnesium ion and carbonate ion, to reduce scale effect, thereby extending the service life of water appliances. Our Five Stage Under Sink RO Water Purifier with Metal Stand Frame can filter chlorine, hardness, heavy metals, sand, toxins and many other dissolved water impurities through reverse osmosis.

Five Stage Under Sink RO Water Purifier with Metal Stand Frame

How long the service life of the prefilter?

In theory, there is no fixed life span for the prefilter, which depends on the water quality and daily maintenance during use. If not properly maintained, the product may age, thereby affecting the effectiveness of the application. Normal monthly maintenance can be used for at least 30 years.

If you have any questions about water systems with prefilters, or if you’d like a water system serviced or installed in your home, contact Newfiltration Technology Team for professional solutions.

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