Great tasting water, wherever you want

(provide your family with fresh, clean water without worry or concern)

Whole house prefilter with backwashable and reusable Installing a prefilter water filtration system to your whole house will improve your life, and keep protection for your kitchen machines, to increase under sink water filter life.
Countertop reverse osmosis water filter with hot and code water purification Best tasting water, wherever you want, in kitchen, office or living room, provide your family with fresh, clean and safety water without worry or concern.
Under sink reverse osmosis water filtration system Our RO water filtration system are designed for family who want safer, healthier and cleaner water without using single bottles of water.


NFT Drinking Water System is a excellent way to have a safety, clean, great tasty and high
quality water for drinking, cooking and other uses.

Economical and reliable

NFT brand was born to solve our family concerns for drinking water with harmful sustances,
chlorines, sediments particles, we are aiming to supply a better drinking water filtration
system, and build happy life.


Adding a water prefilter to your home will improve your life.

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World's Top performing compact water purifier, up to 3000 liters per minutes of safer, healthier water every day.

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Compact design that easily to operate and use, no extra installation.

Healthy, great tasting water from every tap in your home.

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